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Getting my Hair Dye

So I was thinking about it last April, that I need to get a new hair color and tattoo while I’m still young.

Before I was so contented having my long/short black hair, but seeing those girls wearing different kinds of shades in their hair makes me want to have one or atleast I should try it.

On getting a new hair color, first I wanted to have a red hair color but since most of the people on my working space are into getting red (uh oh) so I have to think of  new different color. When I was about to picked something my friend told me that I should match my hair color to my skin tone. In other words more research to go (amf)

To start:

My skin tone were more into natural tone not fair but JUST more on asian color?

I was thinking of getting this hair color “Rich Brown”


Ooops! hoping before June 29 I can decide which hair color fits for me you know I don’t like getting hair color attention that doesn’t fit for me.

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Purely Imaginary

“It’s your smile, Your face, your lips that I miss, Those sweet little eyes that stare at me”

That feeling that you get when you start liking or missing someone, makes you want to stare him for the whole time.

Couldn’t Agree More

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Back In Blogging


Okay! So I’ve decided to be back with my usual blogging stuff (cross-finger).

So this time around I promise to do it right and as good as well even though I’m still doing my SEO so stuff.


So hoping I can manage to do the same things



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What’s Up!

Thank you for sharing an ample of your time in visiting my page titled different and strange, First I would like you to know me personally I am Abie Anarna a frustrated writer. I don’t have any formal training about writing stuff but I’m so dying to build my own website. I do have numerous accounts before just to build a website but eventually wasn’t able to maintain it. Now this time around I’ll try my best just to maintain this site.

In my site some of the poems or articles were actually seen on my previous account (yes I done copy-paste thing…hoping Google won’t count me as a suspect for plagiarism since it is my own stuff).

And what more else I love to write poems, blogs, articles, technology, vintage, fashion, and I am also into photography :)

WARNING: This page contains nothing but endless self-promotion of a frustrated writer.


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